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Because patient care should include patient perspective.

Avaz Decisions is an independent organization supporting shared decision making (SDM) between patients and their medical care providers through a collection of comprehensive patient and provider resources.

Patient decision aids

We offer patient decision aids (PDAs) to assist patients and their providers in choosing a fitting medical approach. We have both printed booklets and web/mobile PDA solutions available. Our PDAs for joint replacement surgery have been certified by the Washington State Health Care Authority (WSHCA).

Providers in Washington State may access our certified PDAs for Knee Surgery and Hip Surgery for Osteoarthritis for free until June 2020.

Advisory services

Avaz Decisions provides advisory services on the implementation of shared decision making at an organizational level, including guidance on clinical decision support and medical informatics. Additional details below:

Shared decision making

  • Implementing high-quality shared decision making (SDM)

  • Integrating SDM efficiently into your clinical workflow

  • SDM training for healthcare teams

  • Analytics on healthcare team and patient usage

Clinical decision support

  • Developing and updating evidence-based medical policies

  • Integrating clinical decision support at point of care

  • Optimizing workflow

Medical informatics

  • Integrating solutions into your electronic health record system