When medical conditions need preference-sensitive care, patients and providers decide together.


Avaz Decisions is an independent organization that supports shared decision making (SDM) between patients and providers. We offer advisory services, and patient decision aids (PDAs) certified by the Washington State Health Care Authority. If you are a provider in Washington State you may access our certified PDAs for Knee Surgery and Hip Surgery for Osteoarthritis for free until June 2020.


Our mission

The mission of Avaz Decisions is to remove barriers to effective healthcare by providing accessible resources for patients who are facing difficult medical decisions.


“With preference-sensitive medical conditions, each patient has unique interests and needs. Our decision aids make it easier for patients and providers to discuss the options and reach an answer together.”

— Jennifer Hadlock, MD, founder of Avaz Decisions


Avaz Decisions solutions

Avaz Decisions provides WSHCA certified patient decision aids, as well as advisory services for healthcare organizations who want to implement efficient, effective shared decision making (SDM).