Results with Avaz Decisions

Here are some examples of results we have achieved for healthcare organizations and government agencies, including advisory work on shared decision making, and research and development for EHR-integrated clinical decision support.


Clinical decision support

At the University of Washington WWAMI-affiliated residency with Providence Spokane, faculty were aware of the new medical research for contraceptive care and wanted to revise their medical policy and workflow accordingly. We listened to clinic staff to understand the existing policies and workflows for patient history, physical exams, lab tests, pre-authorizations and procedure scheduling. After a deep review of current research and guidelines, we mapped out medically-appropriate algorithms for the wide range of multivariable patient situations. We then implemented an EHR solution for clinical decision support and documentation. With this solution, the faculty reduced the time needed for EHR notes and saved patients from unnecessary appointments, exams, and tests.

Patient decision aids

The Washington State Health Care Authority (WSHCA) has been a leader in shared decision making (SDM) and has established the first patient decision aid (PDA) certification process in the nation. We helped develop certification criteria by conducting an extensive review of scientific literature on SDM and PDA quality, collaborating with international experts, and listening to the needs of patients, providers and PDA developers. The final criteria are evidence-based and patient-centered, without being unnecessarily prescriptive. WSHCA PDA criteria have been used successfully for three years and have become a model for the National Quality Forum (NQF).

Shared decision making

The Joint Commission of Taiwan has developed an extensive nationwide program for shared decision making (SDM), including patient decision aid (PDA) development and patient outreach. The Joint Commission of Taiwan (JCT) wanted to provide advanced training for people who already had SDM experience. We developed summaries of SDM policy, research, PDAs, and insights for successful clinical implementation. During university and hospital tours, we presented to over 100 hospital leaders, government officials, physicians and staff. We also conducted a full-day workshop for 40 people who had been specially invited from around the country. It was an honor to learn from experts in Taiwan and share discussions on how to advance high-quality shared decision making.